The Increased importance of computer training

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Computers are everywhere

21st century is the era of computers and automation. Computers and automated machines have made a revolution in work-space. There are new and more efficient ways to invent & discover work methods, process information, store information, retrieve information, manage machines, make decisions, and so much more, just because of computers.


Even the best automation machines and robots we see today in industries wouldn’t have been possible to make if there were no computers. The hard paper work is close to gone. Everything written is now on the computer. Even older documents which were hand-written are now being converted to digital copies for using them on the computer.

At your office you have to use them


Thus, in order to maintain pace with the work-place, every employee or professional now needs to be trained well in computers. Every employee and professional needs to be technically sound. Now every work-place is efficient only if there is a proper man-machine coordination which is impossible without computer knowledge. For example, advertisement makers who make stunning, imaginary advertisements would need the professionals involved in the movie production & development to be aware & fully capable on working with Corel Draw, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc.


Companies into software development would need their employees to be sound with all the major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. Every office needs its employees to be fully capable of using Microsoft Office now. Companies are not wasting their money on recruiting non-computer skilled employees and training them.

At home you enjoy using your tablet or laptop


Documents are no more handwritten. Every data and information is made digital now and put up on cloud servers to share with the whole organization anytime, anywhere. Computers are used in every field, manufacturing, research & development, designing, animating, etc. Computers are used in mining & oil exploration, music, movie, and game development & production, automation and robotics, and many other work-places.

Adapted from ezinemarketingarticles under Creative Commons License.

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