Best Volkswagen Vehicles to Choose for your Wife

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What kind of car to buy is just one of the things men and women can have differing opinions on. So while men might prefer a sleek car that packs a lot of torque and power, most women might be looking for something that offers not just style but also safety, reliability and ease of use.


A good choice is a matter of taste.

Most women often turn to Volkswagen in White Rock for their personal car preference. The many models of Volkswagen cater to the priorities and needs of women drivers so this is definitely a great place to start when looking for a long-term car.

The following are the most recommended cars for women that you can get from a reliable Volkswagen dealership:

1. Volkswagen Beetle

New Beetle, an attractive choice for women

It’s easy to see why the Beetle is a top choice for Volkswagen in White Rock. Women love the compact style. Even statistics agree that women are more inclined to buy the VW Beetle than any other car. This model is so iconic that you can easily identify it from other vehicles. While it retains many of the characteristics known to the VW Beetle, the newer models have better fuel efficiency, more interior storage space and updated safety features such as rear view camera, blind spot monitor and keyless entry, which many women may find beneficial for driving. Not to mention, it also comes in a convertible model.

2. Volkswagen Tiguan


This compact SUV offers plenty of interior space, making this a top choice for a family car. Moms who are looking to drive their kids and need something family-friendly will surely love the features of this vehicle. The VW Tiguan boasts of anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control and a tire pressure monitor that makes driving and maintaining this compact SUV less daunting for women.

3. Volkswagen Golf


The Golf line impresses with its fuel economy ratings, particularly the Golf TDI. It can travel long distances and use up fuel conservatively. This is great for women who often drive long distances for business trips. It also doesn’t compromise on power and has interior comfort that won’t make long distance driving feel like a chore. Surprisingly, this little compact handles like a sports car.

4. Volkswagen Jetta


It earns high points for looks. As a sedan, it has uncompromising structure that will appeal to any gender. The smooth acceleration works for various driving conditions so whether you drive through heavy traffic all the time or occasionally foray off-road, this vehicle can keep up.

A good Volkswagen dealer in White Rock such as Cowell Volkswagen will help you find a model that will suit your personal preferences and your needs. You can test drive the car to get an initial feel of the vehicle. Also don’t forget to do your research that goes beyond the looks of the car so you can choose one packed with reliable features. Volkswagen is sure to have the picture vehicle to suit your needs.

Adapted from Articlesbase under Creative Commons License.

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