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Cambridge Immerse Makes Computer Interesting

The course of computer science at Cambridge Immerse It is a residential summer course which is separated into two parts—this year, the first session will begin on 24 July which…


The increased importance of computer training

21st century is the era of computers and automation. Computers and automated machines have made a revolution in work-space. There more efficient.


Good web design creates a better use for every days

Sketching the web pages Web design is simply the art of planning as well as creating websites. The creation includes user interface, information creation and navigation.


Common PC Problems that you can Fix yourself

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Is your computer taking too long to process a task, or simply isn’t responding at all? The problem could be that…


What Do People Commonly Use Tablet to do?

More and more people are using tablet PC to communicate with the worldwide people. Now isn't this a wonder why more people are opting for tablet PC rather that computers?


The New Computer Age: Software as a Service Now

Word on-line, Excel on-line and Power Point on-line are just such services. They are available to all who want them, they are free, if taken via One Drive Live