New Apple iPhone SE: the 4-Inch Smartphone Review

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Apple’s Town Hall in Cupertino witnessed the launch of the iPhone SE – The revamped version of iPhone 5S, with a smaller frame. People have adored the smaller phones by Apple previously and as per the statement given by VP of product marketing from Apple, people literally “pleaded” for the smaller Smartphone.

Specifications imported from the iPhone 6

smartphonesWith a borrowed size and screen resolution of the iPhone 5 series and specifications imported from the iPhone 6 and 6s, the iPhone SE is the smallest Smartphone in the current lineup of Apple iPhones. However, Apple has made it sure to add a matte finish to the edge of the frame of iPhone SE for a subtle difference. The striking similarities between 5S and SE, may have forced the giant to discontinue the former and focus upon the new model. But, apart from that, there are some differences that will continue to impress the Apple lovers.

A9 processor is good!


With the A9 processor, the iPhone SE can boast of its performance same as the iPhone 6S. It also features the TouchID fingerprint scanner, which is quite different from the other flagship phones. Although, the phone does not support the 3D touch, users will enjoy the new live photos feature that is unlike the flagship phones and a noticeable difference between them. Indeed, the iPhone SE iSight camera of 12 MP keeps all of the elements from the flagship phones, but the live photos are clearly a winner. So, you can swipe at them to view the motion or just press it long.

Graphics and photos performances


As far as graphics performance is concerned, it is comparable to that of the iPhone 6S and enables a smooth functioning for the high-end games. Like several other features similar to the iPhone 5S, the battery is same in the iPhone SE. Further, the iPhone SE would come up with the iOS 9.3 as announced at the event. This Smartphone is directly appealing to the customers who have already experienced the fun of iPhone 4 and 5S with a smaller screen size. The Android users having an experience of larger screens in their Smartphones may get enticed on the iPhone SE specifications, but will get disappointed from the small 4-Inch screen.

What’s Delighting?

  • 4-Inch Display
  • Powerful processor
  • Live photos
  • A9 chip 64 bit processor
  • M9 Motion coprocessor
  • Best supported by Siri
  • LTE – More LTE means more global roaming
  • 3 times faster and better wifi connection
  • NFC payment covered more regions
  • Compact size

What’s Disappointing?

  • No 3D Touch
  • Slight design changes

Adapted from Articlesbase under Creative Commons License.

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