Common PC Problems that you can Fix yourself

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Not everybody has the skills and knowledge needed to fix every little problem posed by their computers at home or at the office. Unfortunately, downtime caused by such issues can lead to devastating results, and more often than not, can be far too expensive to fix on a continual basis.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Is your computer taking too long to process a task, or simply isn’t responding at all? The problem could be that you haven’t turned it off in a good while, or it could be solved with a simple restart.

Keeping your system on incessantly chews through its resources, most notably RAM, and when these resources get expanded, it can cause the performance of your system to drop sharply. Turn off your computer when it is not in use, and restart it regularly when it is to save up on RAM, as well as to iron out any issues which can be solved with a quick restart.

Hard-Drive failures.

Inside hard drive
Inside hard drive

Most hard-drives have a lifespan, and it is greatly dependant on how you use it. Investing in a solid-state drive is a great way to ensure that your system will work properly for a longer period of time, but even these products will fail in years or months to come (depending on how kind you are to them).

Always keep essential files backed up on a removable drive or on a cloud to ensure you never lose data. Always shut your PC down properly to avoid corruptions on your drive, and if your drive is showing any signs of trouble, you should get it replaced and transferred with data before it fails, just to be safe.

Not enough power

Power supply
Power supply

Your PC’s power supply is more than just a fan with cool lights coming out of it, it is the electric heart needed to give life to every component in your system. Because of this it is important to ensure that you have a power supply that is compatible with your other hardware, supplying enough power to get the most out of each item. If not, your hardware will under-perform, and can even take damage due to surges in the long run.

Adapted from Articlesbase under Creative Commons License.

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