Best Messaging Apps in 2016 for your smartphone

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We live in a world of instant messaging where time and distance do not matter anymore. With the latest messaging apps installed on our phones, people can reach friends instantly no matter where they are in the world.


There is a slew of mobile chat apps available nowadays that can cater to different users with their own unique needs. If you are not familiar with the latest, here is a rundown of some of the most popular instant messaging applications today.



Viber is certainly one of today’s most popular chat applications. Set up is pretty easy, all you need is a SIM card and phone functionality. It requires your phone number to log in and syncs with your smartphone to help you find other contacts who are also using the app. Viber allows you to send texts, photos, voice messages, videos, stickers and emoticons for free to fellow Viber users. Users are charged a fee when calling landline phones and non-Viber numbers.



Another popular messaging app of today’s mobile generation is WhatsApp. It’s easy to set up and automatically syncs with your contacts. The app is ad-free and offers many features. You can send text messages, voice, photos and video messages to other WhatsApp contacts. WhatsApp requires phone functionality and therefore will not work on all devices. It can be used for free on the first year and will cost $0.99 per year thereafter.

Facebook Messenger


As one of the most popular social networks today, it’s no surprise that Facebook has its very own messaging app – Facebook Messenger. By signing in via Facebook, users can send friends chat messages, voice clips and videos. The app also features Chat Heads that pop up on the screen allowing users to chat even when using other apps. Facebook Messenger also has its arsenal of stickers for users to best express their emotions.



Since its inception, Skype has pretty much ruled the instant messaging world. While the app is widely known for its voice and video calls, it also allows users to send photos and short video messages to fellow users even when they are offline. Skype Credits are also available which allow users to call landlines and mobile phones.

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