Why Designing Stairs Requires Special Architecture Expertise?

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Like all other parts of your house, staircase requires special architecture expertise because other than providing a pathway to upper floors, these also enhance the look of your house. Staircase may express your architectural taste and style that fits the tone and mood of entire house, only if constructed considering all the requirements of a particular design.


Constructing staircase is a great art, which requires you to consider several factors for a particular design –therefore, the best option is to hire Lahore architects. Being experts, they can design stairs while keeping your house’s size, design and your budget in mind.

The following key points need to be considered while designing stairs:


The foremost thing you need to consider is your budget because it will determine which material and designs you can go with. An experienced architect can manage to design perfect stairs while keeping your budget and taste in view.

Consider the Location

photo-1470274307695-febe05a6dd3dYou need to consider the location of stairs in your house; either you want these to be running through your living, your TV lounge or through garage.  For the larger houses, you may choose the contemporary style of stairs that runs through the TV lounge or living but for smaller house you need to design a staircase in a place that it may not disturb a spacious look. By hiring the best Architecture companies in Pakistan, you can get best stair designs, which truly enhance the look of your house.

Check the Safety Measures

Keeping safety measures on priority is an essential factor. For this, you need to consider either you have kids at your home or you have elderly people, in each case, maintaining a safety measure is necessary.


Keep the treads (the horizontal width of the stairs’ step) wider; whereas risers should be given a normal height so that children and elders could easily step up and downstairs. Normally, the width of a tread for residential house is kept 250 mm; however, for a limited space, you can shrink it to 200 mm. In the similar way, for a residential house, the normal height of a rise should be between 190 mm to 200 mm.


You can have a great variety of materials to choose from which may include – steel, marble, concrete, wrought iron, timber or other materials depending upon your budget and home’s interior. For a more luxurious look, you can make the treads carpeted or otherwise for a modern look, you can have glass in the treads but it has its own limitations regarding safety, durability and cost.

Adapted from Articlesbase under Creative Commons License.

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