Current Trends in Kitchen Design

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Looking to capture the latest trends in kitchen design in your remodel? Cabinets, countertops, and color figure heavily in remodel designs, along with open floor plans. While how you decide to remodel depends on your personal needs and taste, paying homage to trends may help you get a better sales price when it is time to sell.

ROI on Kitchen Remodels


The annual Remodeling 2015 Cost to Value survey confirms that homeowners nationwide who do a kitchen remodel might recoup much as 79% for a minor upgrade, 69% for a major one, or 59% for an upscale one. There are regional variations in the payback, but across the board, updating the kitchen basics (cabinets, countertops, sinks, and floors) is something buyers are willing to pay more for.

Watch a few home improvement television shows, and you will quickly realize that popular cabinet colorstoday are wood tones, white, and gray. Depending on where you are in the country, the favorite wood might be oak with blonder shades, dark woods, cherry, or walnut, along with mixed woods. White or gray are popular neutrals that give a fresh look to the room.


Home shows also make it seem as if all buyers regard granite counters as indispensable. Based on definitions of different levels of kitchen remodels, stone countertop replacements are the norm in only the most costly renovations. Since buyers like them though, you can’t do wrong by choosing granite and tightening your belt on other renovations.

Open Floor Plans


Open floor plans are increasingly popular, as many homeowners like the idea of being able to be in the kitchen and have clear site lines into adjacent areas where guests are visiting or children are playing. Achieving this look may require moving a wall or removing upper cabinets that block the view into the next room. To meet your storage needs, work with a professional to design and install some new custom or semi-custom cabinets that fit your configuration without blocking the view.

Cohesive Design from Room to Room

With the barriers down between rooms in many upgraded homes, finding the best colors for walls and even floors can be challenging. Modern trends in kitchen design are ditching perfectly matched color palettes in favor of coordinating patterns, textures and colors. However, an open floor plan needs to consider the design of every visible room; it is important to either carry a color throughout or use coordinating colors. Even accent pieces such as rugs and art pieces should pick up similar colors for a cohesive design from room to room.

When you want to incorporate the latest trends in kitchen design into your remodel, work with an experienced home improvement company that specializes in fine quality kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Adapted from Articlesbase under Creative Commons License.

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