Automotive design during the past two decades

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Cars interiors design

The design of interiors of the cars has evolved from functionality to a better user experience. Integration of media devices like phones connection, DVD readers in seats, GPS on dashboards and even the conplete setup on touch screen, has driven designers to a drastic evolution.

Look at this fantastic Mercedes interior design:

Car’s bodywork design

Inspired by new technologies, designers have created more and more beautiful bodywork designs for cars. Some concept cars were even featured in movies like I-Robot and its Audi prototype.

Audi RSQ concept car

I-Robot movie with Will Smith



The two last decades have been very prolific for headlights design, they have been  enlarged, LED technology appears and directionals devices start to be generalized, overall this is a very pleasant improvement.

VW Golf headlight detail - Photo author Flicker
VW Golf headlight detail – Photo author Flicker

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