Apple’s design successes

iPhone 6 is even more elegant
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According to media’s report that Apple, established in April, 1976, has gone through 36 years, during which Apple has launched many classic products. The essay of today aims to display the most classic and creative products to you.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Apple Machintosh
Apple Macintosh, the first graphic UI computer, photo author Flicker

In 1984, Apple’s research team in Palo Alto managed to develop the first set of business PC, Macintosh, which applied graphic user interface. At that time, Macintosh, along with Fee Delhi Scott’s famous advertising, swept way those computers whose operation required the input of orders and tips, contributing to the computer’s entrance to the homes of ordinary people from science laboratory. It is not exaggerative to say that Macintosh opens the new chapter in the historical development of computers. From then on, Mac has become the name of Apple’s personal computer.

iMac G3 and successors

The first set of iMac was launched in 1998, symbolizing the rise of Apple as a giant in the scientific and technological field. Under the guides of its designer Jonny Ive, Apple abandoned the traditional design concept for computers. The first set of iMac was a semitransparent machine with interesting appearance in Bondi Blue color. Now many industries increasingly praise highly Apple’s pursuit for perfect outer design. In fact, after the launch of iMac, Apple has adhered to this design concept.

IMac G3 photo’s author: Flicker

Now the iMac series has been leading the forefront in computer design, with growing rich products and users’ increasing high recognition. The G4 display of iMac series broke away the traditional conventions in designing computer’s appearance.

Apple  OS X

Yosemite – Photo credit Flicker

Although the current sales volume of Microsoft Windows OS outclasses that of Apple’s Mac OS, many commentators keep criticizing Microsoft Windows OS for lack of innovation and virtue that Apple Deskpro has. Apple Mac series OS first came into the market in 2001, and now it is still the leading OS in the realm of computer OS. Mac series OS widely wins its favor from users due to its classic design concept and simple, easy-use interface.


iPhone smartphone is one of the most expected and favorite products for Apple fans. This touch smartphone perfectly integrates browser, music player, video player and telephone calls together.

The first set of iPhone smartphone accessed to market in 2007. Paired with two cameras, however, the smartphone was void of functions for cutting and pasting. As soon as the iPhone smartphone came on the scene, it became the front page and headline of all major media. The reason for its strong attraction mostly lay in its beautiful appearance design, conciseness and prodigious potential for development.

MacBook Air

On Jan. 16, 2008, Steve Jobs launched the MacBook Air called the thinnest notebook in the world. When he took out the MacBook Air from the envelope, many analysts and consumers salivated over this ultrathin, ultra-light, and ultra-convenient notebook with 13.3 inches only.

Apple MacBook, thin and elegant laptop

The minimum thinness of the notebook was only 0.16 inches, equal to 0.4cm, while the maximum thickness was only in 0.8 inches, which referred to 1.94cm. The MacBook Air was paired with Mac OS X and it owned a charming appearance. Priced over $1000, however, it was still more superior when compared to the lower price of Asus Eee PC.

Adapted from Articlesbase under Creative Commons License.

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