Renault DeZir.

What is a Concept Car and what is it meant for.

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Definition of Concept car.

A concept car (also known as concept vehicle, show vehicle or prototype) is a car made to showcase new styling and/or new technology. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not be mass-produced.

What are they useful for?

Concept cars never go into production directly. In modern times all would have to undergo many changes before the design is finalized for the sake of practicality, safety, regulatory compliance, and cost. A “production-intent” vehicle, as opposed to a concept vehicle, serves this purpose.[1] They are also known as prototype cars, but should not be confused with prototype race cars such as the Le Mans Prototype.

Show me some examples…

There are many concept cars across the world, French company Renault is known to have designed some exciting ones, but Audi, Mercedes or Toyota are not the least.

Renault DeZir, electric concept car:

The Renault DeZir is an electric concept car that was first officially presented at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The car is a 2 seat coupe with butterfly doors, and the interior is of red leather.

Mercedes Benz, F 015:

The vehicle drives itself, transforming the cabin into a personal haven where time and space are the ultimate luxury. The exterior features a low-slung front end and a smooth, streamlined roof, which gives the F 015 Luxury in Motion a dynamic silhouette, while the innovative saloon-style doors provide easy access to the interior lounge. Mercedes

Audi RSQ:

Audi RSQ was featured in the well known American movies I-Robot with Will Smith



Concept cars are often radical in engine or design. Some use non-traditional, exotic, or expensive materials, ranging from paper to carbon fiber to refined alloys. Others have unique layouts, such as gullwing doors, 3 or 5 (or more) wheels, or special abilities not usually found on cars. Because of these often impractical or unprofitable leanings, many concept cars never get past scale models, or even drawings in computer design.

Other more traditional concepts can be developed into fully drivable (operational) vehicles with a working drivetrain and accessories. The state of most concept cars lies somewhere in between and does not represent the final product. A very small proportion of concept cars are functional to any useful extent, some cannot move safely at anything above 10 mph.

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