A guide to getting the best Samsung Cable

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If you happen to own a new Samsung Android phone then you should know a few things about cable that is not common knowledge. People think that if cables stop working they can just get any cable they want from an OEM and get the same performance but it is not true.


There are many things that need to be considered when you are getting a cable for your Galaxy smartphone and knowing the difference between manufacturer and OEM products can make a whole lot of difference. These tips are meant for you to help you get the best possible mobile user experience from your phone.

Data Wire


Samsung Galaxy Cable wires are detachable from the power outlets of the chargers that you own and there is a specific USB wire other than the obvious charging wire to supply power to you. These USB wires have their specific transfer speeds and if you happen to get a low quality charger you will end up getting a really bad experience when transferring files between your phone and your computer.

Make sure that you always get branded products for the best possible experience and the right products mean reliable stores as well. Whenever you are getting a replacement cable check if the product manufacturer name is Samsung itself and not some random OEM brand that is out to offer you low grade products.

Charging speed


The USB transfer speeds of every Samsung Galaxy Cable is not all that gets affected if you buy products that are not from a reputable brand. The charging speeds also get affected and you might get plagued by slow speeds that can make your charging experience a pain. If you happen to use your phone a lot when charging then that is another scenario where your phone might be not getting sufficient power and end up losing more power than the charging rate.

This is not the case with branded products, which solidifies the reason to get branded products. Even a 500 mAh difference can mean a lot of difference between your charging speeds and you might spend up to 25% more time charging your device which is totally unacceptable!

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