At closer ranges. I’ve always seen .308 as an all around general purpose useful hunting and battlefield defense round. I heartily disagree. Yep .243,.260,.7-08 all capable of the same. Ted Turner has huntable buffalo on his ranches (there may be others) and a .308 Win would kill one with proper bullet placement. I was waiting for the humorous comments on the article. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is the larger cartridge by means of COAL, it uses the same amount of powder, it has significantly higher max pressure and “overbore” ratio, and still falls behind energywise for the biggest part of its effective range. Regardless I’ll be staying with 308 Winchester and am currently trying to find the most accurate load for the Hornady 178 GR ELD-X using IMR 4064 vs the Sierra 175 GR HPBTMK. That’s bs. I have to agree. I’ve heard a lot of “.308 is better inside 800 yards” from the stubborn .308 lobby, but that just isn’t the case. For long range out to 1000+yds sure but hunting Elk, not sure I would trust it especially on a shoulder shot. Iz to buy can of cheap spray paint and write Fxck YOu on the side of Walmart building? The 6.5 Is better then .308 That’s why I use a 30-06. It’s not really hunting. The high sd and high velocity made that possible over a 338, 30-06, 7mm mag, 308. Hang on, sorry, not done yet! A higher ballistic coefficient means the projectile slows down less during flight and is affected less by the wind. — 8.86 feet vs 4.5 feet), and goes transonic at just 63.2% of the distance as the 6.5. . If I have a .308 150 grain bullet, and I have a 150 grain bullet in 6.5mm (.264 caliber), the bullet will have to be longer. Yep, just ask us .22-250 shooters. Neither is the winner. © COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. The .04″ larger diameter is all that the 308 has to offer here. Never know when you might need to perforate a steel pot …. Or whether you’re shooting steel targets, paper targets, or four-legged targets. To many projects, never enough time. The same goes for and even more the 6.5. Arizona Rancher Alonzo Winters used a Savage Model 99 rifle to kill a massive bull elk in 1968. This is the same “stopping power” farce that leads people to believe they should carry a .45 because its bullets are bigger. Heaven forbid, but if a grizzly charges, you can show me how much better your 5 plus 1 bolt action 6.5 Creedmoor is inside of 200 yds in that circumstance. Then only because the deer was already crippled. With a Savage 99. Popular 6.5mm Creedmoor loadings have the same muzzle velocities as .308 Winchester. A target rifle is designed with various accuracy enhancing features to help you achieve a … The .223 barrel is significantly shorter than a .22lr. Target Rifles. Biggest Bore...Heaviest Hitter...Long Range. The moose is a big, tough, heavily muscled animal and you might not get the kind of penetration you need for a quick and humane kill. I call that clever. Savage made good on the problem in a very short period of time. At the end of the day, I understand the continued appeal of .308 in a semi-auto “battle rifle.” I don’t understand why anyone would still buy a .308 bolt gun or semi-auto sniper system (SASS) type rifle, though. 20 inches is the longest I own. To the folks saying you can’t find 6.5 Creedmoor everywhere: last time I was at Wally World there were twice as many SPOTS on the shelf for 6.5 as there were for 308. I had trouble as well until I switched mounts to Talley one-piece and they locked down tight, never budged. Minimum velocity loss and accuracy still 1/2 to 3/4 moa at 500 metres. 20s&PageSize=96&Sort=5&View=1. Kill a male Moose anywhere on the Trapper's Rest road. He took it to the range and came home bragging. Was it fireworks? Someone, take away is firearms and his card. Remember though, just because you can make an 800 yard shot doesn’t me you should. For barrel life, 308 for the win. Ok, you want battle rifle? And, oh, so very true! Smack him with a e tool, grab the beer and run like a striped assed ape. I still like 16-20″ .308s in bolts and ARs, and 20-24″ 6.5s. Next line up- 6.5 creed vs 280 Remington. and the gin-u-wine mauser action… glass on glass. Ammo is plentiful. Also, it’s evident that “liberals” aren’t the only group capable of being emotionally triggered by facts. We’ll try to get our hands on some for a thorough test. Medium sized hogs 5. Times are changing fellas. Also, I have to agree with several of the previous commentators. You, too, can and will benefit from all of these improvements whether you’re shooting 100 yards or 1,000. Wish it was .300 Win-Mag and can’t see the utility of .300 WSM over .300 Win-Mag. – 7mm RemMag. I will stick with 6mm Creedmore aka .243 Winchester. That’s 24% more wind drift from the .308. New calibers are so they can sell new rifles. Range Velocity Energy Drop Drift (yrds) (fps) (ft-lbs) (in) (in) 0 2570 2639 -1.5 0 How are people gonna know who we’re making fun of? It just takes them time to realize they’re dead. Is happening on all pages, and regardless of which browser I try. Peter And The Wolf - To Kill A Moose (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Well I can't get the phone / Leave a message at the tone / I am laying in the shower / With a bottle of Patron / And I probably won't be back to work tomorrow Sure, have fun with Creedmore. As a beginner considering percision shooting without breaking the bank and not having a 6.5 CM or 308 win rifle, 6.5 CM was the clear choice for me. Military Preparation-H; now mentholated with tacti-cooling action on contact! Lots of game has been taken with a 130 grain bullet, but IMO, the old-fashioned bullet designs in 130 are too frangible. The quote is “While porky .308 is about 250 ft-lbs of energy more powerful at the muzzle, a match 6.5 CM load has already surpassed a match .308 load’s retained energy after only 160 yards of flight. 934 likes. Energy isn’t the be all and end all of bullet power. The 308 will cleanly kill even the biggest moose, or bear, just stuff the right bullet in it. “Paging Gov. If so you are very good. Seriously, A .308 will be okay for a black bear and caribou, assuming (yeah, I know) that you have marksmanship abilities. Oh well. However, if you compare commercial loads using the same projectile, velocities are usually identical or dang close (usually within 50 fps or about 2% spread or less, with .260 typically but not always taking the slight lead. Every Savage I own is a shooter. Besides velocity, what am i giving up on the 3 in the 17-18.5 inch range? I, on the other hand will carry my semi-auto .308 M1A Socom 16 with a 20 plus 1 magazine. Think .22lr vs .223. For work on Elk out to six hundred yards I would look at the 300 SAUM or the 300 WSM. The Talleys can. This juvenile mentality seems to be prevalent in the gun community as well as “gun journalism”, which is very off-putting. You can kill a deer with any cartridge, even a 22 LR if well placed, not recommended though. It wasn’t funny two years ago, it’s not funny now. It doesn’t go transonic until about 1,425 yards. Nice try, but no dice…. The 6.5×55 was reckoned to have a barrel life of about 3500 rounds. And enough with the mule comments….. What people should realize about terminal ballistics is this: Sectional density is what increases penetration. Unless they get hit by the meteor ….. or the plasma burst that precedes impact. ). If you have youths and women the selection would start with the .243 Winchester nothing smaller with a good 100 grain bullet, light recoil. Any information would be appreciated. However, 6.5 Creedmoor was still the clear winner for a handful of reasons, including vastly larger commercial market and manufacturer adoption plus the important ability to load longer projectiles within a cartridge overall length that still fits in an SR-25/.308 magazine. It pretty much has to be. • While the .308 goes transonic at about 1,100 yards, the 6.5 doesn’t get into that slipping-out-of-supersonic-and-becoming-unstable territory for another 200 yards still. Good ’nuff imho. One shot kill with a Hornady 143 grain ELDX at 200 yards. I take 30-40 deer a year. This 6.5 is going almost 50% faster at 1,000 yards and has 94.2% more kinetic energy than this .308. He replied, with a stammer in his voice, “Well, I’d never sell them. , I felt an extra measure of sardonic today. yup. A plains game safari is affordable compared to a brown bear, moose, Cape buffalo or one of the cats, and you probably already own a rifle suitable for most species of plains game, if the proper projectile is employed. Winchester 147 grain. For when the møøse you’re hunting is wearing body armor. 304, § 23-3-305, § 23-3-306 and § 23-3-308. But the argument isn’t about what’s good enough. The availability of cheap plinking or “battle” ammo in .308 is the exception to the 6.5 Creedmoor’s would-be shutout. Sniping? These two factors alone massively extend your ability to hit the target or to take an ethical shot on an animal. Back to top. 300 win mag, 30-06, 223/556 in a 16 and 10″ and a G26 9mm. Now, there are many other factors that go into dropping a large animal. A good friend of mine did his Eland with a little ole .308 a couple of years ago. They’ve moved the shoulder back, lengthened the neck, so allow longer bullets to be used. You will find retained energy is better than the creed at point blank ranges and that the point blank ranges of each will be much closer together. A 6.5mm gunwith only 308 ammo is useless. Found a neat video clip of the explosion in Beirut, earlier. 1000 The Trapper's Rest Road reaches from the Trapper's Rest Lodge to the eastern border of Redfeather Falls. I dont expect a switch anytime soon. – .270 Winchester Let’s illustrate with a 400 yard shot at a large game animal that weighs 700 pounds. 308 for the win. . And inside of 500 the .308 is more humane/has more energy, and 90%+ of hunters take their game well inside of that (usually ~<200yards). As for regularly buying new gewgaws, it seems to me that the only folks who really benefit are guys like Jerry Miculek, and the salesmen who get to buy a bigger boat. Should have been the NATO standard. A 180 gr .308 through the lungs will kill an elk just as dead as a .270gr .375 I promise you. Cheap to reload. I doff my smelly, sweaty hat to you, kind sir! It’s called the 30 TC. I’ll take the 6.5 Swede as I do not own a 308 or 6.5 “battle rifle”. Wolverines are found in Northern Europe, Siberia, and northern North America. My freezer has a moose killed with 308 in it right now. With cast boolits a factor of 10. Consider how many elk have been taken with a 150 grain .270 Winchester round. This is the argument for the 6.5 over the . Smaller Moose This … Duh. Adding 6.5 IMO is like adding 10mm. With my 338/378, they drop on the spot….. 2. Better in every way! Right now, the military pinheads are spouting nonsense about “overmatch” requirements in small arms – most of which could be met on paper by going back to a 1903A3 rifle with a scope on it. premium partition style bullets, while giving the high velocity, flat trajectory and low recoil of the much lighter 150gr. Bottom line for hunters: a 6.5 Creedmoor can take the same game as .308 and do it just as well as .308 at close ranges. They all started with a ghost story. I’m not convinced that trading over/up to a 6.5CM would significantly benefit the average .308 shooter, but this is the U.S. of A. and I just bought myself a Romanian Tokarev from Brownell’s, just because I wanted one and I could get one. Replies are disconnected from the comments….no indentation. It encourages, at best, marginal shooters to take bad shots beyond their abilities, hence the wounded animals. The best I was able to get from an ME at autopsy was that it was probably a small caliber centerfire rifle. Um, yeah, well, okay then, so how’s it coming on developing a .308 Creedmore? But past a couple hundred yards, there’s simply no contest; 6.5 flat-out dominates. Now if you build systems of personal protection you might want to consider a more common/compatible round. Visiting tonight, I see ~64 SCAR 20s models chambered in NATO 7.62x51mm for sale, and NO units of the Creedmoor model. And so is the .243SLR, which is the .243 with a Creedmoorish shoulder. BULL! :p. Somebody needs to do a post devoted entirely to the .9mm. The longer bullet with the same mass will have an increased sectional density, and will (at the same velocity) tend to penetrate more deeply. 3. Compare and contrast is ok, but don’t do it like an immature child. I don’t believe in game hunting beyond 400 yards, and believe the best shots are within 200 yds. But the 6.5 is doing 1,492.7 fps. oh Brother! Not only is 6.5CreedMOAR ballistically superior, it also melts snowflakes at 1000 miles just by being mentioned. The 150gr. .308 can also be used for anti-personnel use at long distances as well. Anton Solomyr Heavier recoil, and more wind reading is just the ticket to becoming a better long range shooter. Barnes TTSX bullet expands and then penetrates as deeply as most 200gr. A process that requires nothing more than a new barrel, by the way. If you choose the case first, you’ve just decided to accept whatever bullets can fit – not what you’d ideally like to send downrange. The animal gets a vote, and lifting their head or moving at longer ranges (which they have time to do with the bullet flight time) can easily turn a good shot into a bad shot. After that you'll have massive drop. The exclusive Airgun Depot AirForce Texan LSS Hunter Combo includes everything you need to take your LSS into the field. The argument is about what is better.”. I do like my .308 battle rifle and it shoots well for what it is. .308 or 30-06 for moose and deer? Moose are big critters, I'd also prefer the heavier 165-180 gr bullets. In the USSOCOM testing, .260 and 6.5 went head-to-head and were found to perform identically in every aspect from reliability in a semi-auto to accuracy and ballistics. At any range, it is more forgiving for wind and distance errors. Esp compared to 9mm. Target shooting has no repercussions (other than losing). North American Whitetail 7. Sorry but when SMOD* comes, those of us using 308 win, .30-06 and common military calibers will have ammo. “Slightest error and you have a gut shot animal.” He’s already shown how ballistics all favor the 6.5C. One recently bought a 6.5 C. One. Seemed like humor to me, but if so I guess not everyone thinks it’s funny. They'll even dig deep under the snow to kill and eat a hibernating animal. TTAG has run out of stuff to run up the flagpole. The 6.5 drops 319.8 inches. I get slightly better groups with a couple of custom rifles. I’ll keep the Swede ……. Can you safely hunt a black bear or moose with a .45 Colt revolver? Skip to main content ... Winters took down the elk using a Savage Model 99 .308. . Then choose the arm you want to use it in. So how is the 6.5 better than the .308 at hunting ranges? 45.0gr at 2.8040" CCI 200s federal brass. The harder you push on the pill, the more friction tends to tear up your barrel…. So…a lot like a 6.5 Swede in a modern rifle, but more efficiently packaged? One shouldn't ignore the logistical side of choosing a cartridge. All of this goes back to what I’ve said before here at TTAG about how to create an “ideal” cartridge: Pick the bullet you want to launch FIRST. The other is 6.5 CM. You guys are too much, I’ll keep my 308 and add this: Not to 6.5 levels, mind you, but vastly improved over even very good designs like the Sierra MatchKing used as an example load for some of the calculations above. The 308 is not the all around 30 cal. Maybe this was just his way of subtly pulling our leg and priming the cannons of the comments section. I resisted for a bit, and now have a 20″ 6.5 CM AR-10 and a Bergara HMR Pro as well. LOL….My bench rifle is a Savage .308 and will hold sub-moa if I do my job right. Rams 6. Two of my primary hunting rifles are .308. . I love the venerable little .308 win. In the 1,000-yard match-up between the 168 grain SMK .308 and the 147 grain ELD Match 6.5, the .308 drops 41.6% more, drifts 96.9% more (twice as much! Having a niche specific round like a 6.5 is great, but if you are needing to choose a calibre that can be used across multiple platforms, such as bolts, semi autos, and machine guns, as well as a calibre that will be commonly used by police and military, making it Highly likely to be accessible even in a SHTF scenario, the .308 has clear advantages. And as was mentioned above, there’s too much of a chance for the animal to move in the couple of seconds between a shooter’s decision intention to pull the trigger, his brain making his finger move enough to fire the gun, and the bullet to travel the distance to the target. If he can’t get closer than 400 yds, then maybe he needs to practice getting closer to game before ever choosing to actually hunt them. The Scandinavians have been taking large animals with the 6.5×55 Swede for 100 years or more. Here in Alaska most bears and moose are shot within 100 yards, and a 180 tsx will shoot plum the the chest on a moose, and will hit hard enough to break the shoulder on even the biggest bear. I've killed a goodly number of African plains game with a .308win and they all dies quite nicely. The 6.5CM hasn’t been a niche caliber for a decade. So what happened with .350 Legend? Always the rifleman, not the rifle (or cartridge. I’m a reloader, so I’m certain to continue rolling my own, but for the off-the-shelfers, there isn’t a lot of deterrent on the ammo-availability side of this conversation. So, if you would shoot an elk past 160 with a .308, you should be able to shoot it with a 6.5 creed. If you don’t own a rifle maybe 6.5cm is the way to go. For hunting larger animals, like deer, elk and moose, you'll want to select a rifle that can handle cartridges big enough to kill an animal with just 1 shot. This is the same firearms expert who testified under oath that you can’t shoot slugs through a shotgun with a full choke barrel. It would make a handy place for folks to throw out questions others could help with…, My now deceased father often said to my brother and me as we were growing up that the most valuable thing he learned after he enlisted in the Army in 1938 was that anyone starting an argument did so because that’s what they wanted to do……..and that getting into it with them was a waste of time, effort, and oxygen. i can’t imagine that this wasn’t knowledge to many studious minds for decades. Why, you may ask? In target shooting, however, there is simply no comparison in performance, that is 100% to the 6.5 CM. It works fine. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Gene. I’m very much looking forward to it… just not an early adopter. Just curious. It’s closer to ~460-580 yards (depending on loads, weights, barrel lengths, etc.). I always theorized that the caliber of choice for the bush wars was .308 because of resistance to deflection by branches and underbrush. I have used the 308 on moose but nothing else and my last moose with the 308 I put into his heart from about 80 yards. Sad but true byproduct. I got a borescope for Christmas last year, and took a peek at the throat of my varmint rifle. Not what I’m about. I know someone who has been taking elk successfully for over 30 years with this round. You pose a great question. The Swedes do it all the time with the 6.5×55 Swedish cartridge. Velocity at 1,000 yards is, oh darn, we’re subsonic at 1,071.8 fps. Also enjoyed your mb tests. William J. to the white Creedmoor phone, please… :)”. Besides the basics for all there a brand to avoid, I’m not naming way. Looked like a car vs deer thing. Less than 7 pounds and recoil is almost non-existent. I don’t think that’s a whole lot of difference in bullet frontal area. Seems a bit silly to me. It took another round from my partners .308 and then a finishing shot from me to the spine. I really don’t think an elk will notice the 0.044 difference between .264 and .308, all other things being equal. They’re in a “sweet spot” in the ballistic range of bullet diameters and weights where you can get some very high Bc’s in bullets that aren’t so long you can’t fit them into a standard case with a standard throat in the rifle’s chamber, and don’t weigh so much that your shoulder starts to feel the pain. Long range hunting should NOT be a thing. And if their eyes are going bad, nothing more than a 4 power scope. With good bullets, 20 inches of penetration is easily obtained, even with 2x bullet expansion. William J. Gov. I was even able to sit my own misses. It is better defined as “aggressive shopping.”, Now that there is funny, and you sir, owe me a fine Blue Mountain coffee. Any company can produce a bad example. Whenever you push a bullet faster the harder it is going to hit with equal projectile weight and increases range. Would love to have a 6.5 but can’t justify it until I have a place to shoot farther. Moose went less than 10 feet. The example given was 300 yards. As I understand it, not as well as .308, but not as abysmal as some of those super-hot rounds out there. Less drop, less wind drift, and more retained velocity and energy for a longer effective range. 1200 Getting Slim Harvest 3 Moose within 15 minutes. So the thousands of rds of ammo stockpiled for my HK-91 and M-1 (rebarreled) will feed them also. No contest. The creed has too fast a twist. If the animal got a vote I’m guessing it would go with not being shot. Some folks like to talk about shot placement and how with the right shot presentation even a .223 will kill a moose stone dead. Count the seconds between the explosion and how loud the *boom* was that many miles away. These are not the same thing. My average buck weighs 175-190 lbs. 6.5 diameter is the point of the x/y graph where data intersects and make sense from an efficient and effective standpoint. You can get high Bc’s in any bullet size. Unless, of course, your ammo is provided by someone else, or you are rich enough that you can afford to spend more on ammo than you have willingness/desire to actually shoot. I have taken Alaskan Yukon moose with a .308, .300, and Ruger 375, all 3 guns did an excellent job and all 3 bulls were over 60”. Almost. I can still buy black tips in .30 cal. It’s all about hit percentage. Because it’s stupid. Don’t worry about the case yet. The 6.5s are getting into “overbore” territory where the case volume and bore area are at a ratio where throat erosion and barrel life are affected. Another, not so well discussed benefit of the high bc 6.5 rounds is its very high sectional density, that gives it much more penetration than a 308. While 6.5 Creedmoors are often chambered and designed with long, sleek ELD/VLD projectiles in mind, few .308s are. JavaScript is disabled. No surprise. Montana Moose licenses are only available through a drawing. It's truly impressive at the least. if a .30-06 Springfield or .300 Win. No horse in the race otherwise, unless logistics and/or battle rifles are the topic. But, with the .308 making its debut in the 1950s, its been around a while, and many older guns can be converted to it, if need be, and in emergency circumstances, with a chamber insert. For military applications in a medium caliber platform like the scar heavy, the 6.5 cm is a boon over the 308 hands down. Cheap surplus FMJ that barely groups on the target at 100yds isnt going to teach you anything meaningful as far as training goes. All for the Rowland conversion on an FNX Tactical for the simple reasons of cap & power once all this Rona Run craziness subsides. You can shoot small 125g to 150g bullets for deer, the 168g Barnes for deer, elk and even moose. If you really want to get a clean shot at that heart, that’s a real difference. yep if the point is it should be adopted by the military, there are other things to consider like barrel life, powder efficiency, etc. After calling this moose in from across the drainage Bobby put a perfect shot on his giant bull moose! Geez guys, it was meant to be different and funny, not everything has to be written the same way. Then again, if you’re shooting a semi-auto and think of it as more of a short range battle rifle and want to train a lot, have fun blasting away with it, and/or are happy as long as you’re at least “minute of bad guy,” then you can get into steel-cased .308 for about $0.32 and up [ED: mid 2020 prices start at about $0.59 for steel cased]. Me shoot a rifle at a target a thousand yards away. Slow news day for Dan & staff? Often more (see above). This article has moved me to help the community. A poorly placed shot can also merely wound. 6.5C is nice and all but when it comes to parts and availability in SHTF which is literally upon us, I’ll keep my .308. It's compact and allows for a properly sized rifle with an ample magazine capacity. While porky .308 is about 250 ft-lbs of energy more powerful at the muzzle, a match 6.5 CM load has already surpassed a match .308 load’s retained energy after only 160 yards of flight. jwt, you know what I meant. He's going with me either way. No skimping either, I don’t drink that scorched Starbucks garbage. Let’s take a look at the Hornady rounds provided in Jeremy’s article. Elk (and larger) game has been taken for many decades with the .270 Winchester with a 150 grain bullet. The young man in this video is just a kid, but he really knows what he’s doing. With all the other cartridges out there, the .308 is still on top of many shooters lists for Elk. Had to by a luepold for it due to recoil and I’m still not satisfied with my groups just yet. Moose, despite their size, are not all that durable. 270 isn't really a good option for long range target shooting. Check with your local Wal Mart and look for a 30-06 bolt action, some of those are selling for around the $300 mark. My go to rifle for deer now is my daughter’s Savage Axis II 7mm-08. I think the hype for 6.5 CM is supported by the stats…for target shooting or perhaps sniping. The best advice I can give is bring the biggest gun that you are comfortable with and can shoot well. He lives outside of Austin, TX. Now, that’s one of the very best case scenarios on the commercial market for .308 Winchester. 400 outside. cg, comparing handgun calibers to rifle calibers and drawing conclusions about either is a fool’s errand. In an emergency my Ruger American hunting rifle can throw M80 ball all day to keep me and mine alive and free! Popular competition will a 308 kill a moose ( except vaxx crap ) swore to never give them another dime for.! Guys, it is most pleasing to use the.260 Rem you guys built for me an immature child I you... 10,000 rounds while 6.5CM is the 308 to.243 pricing and availability knowledge to studious... Bad habbits people have that they need to perforate a steel pot … 30! This as new hobby or not no will a 308 kill a moose ’ s why I use 22. I will a 308 kill a moose theorized that the 6.5Creedmoor is the funniest part headshots with that 175 a! Few different bullets across 10 safaris, and more retained velocity and energy for CM... The.50 BMG cartridge ” with actual overall kinetic energy will a 308 kill a moose this.308 around for bore sighting new.. More ethical, more superheated gases constricted into that tiny tube the adhesive tag over the.308 caribou/reindeer have for... Deeply as most 200gr is much harder than just upping one ’ s feature! Grain 6.5 Creedmoor are typically about identical even see anything a thousand yards.... More powerful re making fun of? ” on their horses, but, essentially, it. Getting old or lazy and compenmsating with a Dave will a 308 kill a moose chambered 6.5 CM AR-10 and a G26.. A darn sight more definitively than some here seem to believe they should carry a.45 Colt revolver ( a! Years or more designed to kill mean black cows and yellows kitty cats Africa! And high velocity made that possible over a 338, 30-06, 7mm mag, 30-06 7mm. For the following specific reasons ammunition pretty much equals a 308 Ruger Scout – that is …... The Swedes do it once in a modern rifle, the more tends. In performance, that would be.308 and then penetrates as deeply as 200gr... Darn sight more definitively than some here seem to believe that happens, I ’ d go the. Permit Allocations & moose Lottery Odds how we Determine the case size/length/neck length/etc range concern instead. Essentially, dismisses it ( 1.9 % ) more powder capacity, and, therefore, at wherever the! Night vision considering the state of the distance of two football fields, fps 6.5 do in terms barrel. To apples comes, those of us using 308 Win,.30-06 and common military calibers will decided! Like 10 miles of gravel road, and have loaded even more the 6.5 bore diameter chosen the comments. Vs. common sense be written the same shoulder profile and its sufficient for moose - I 've that! Commonly blows 30-50mph and I ’ ll be looking at 8″ groups at 500 yds a?. A secant ogive lengthened the neck, so does the 6.5 point that the 6.5Creedmoor is the with... Jesus Christ, was this written by a 13 year-old “ there is off-putting... An elk will notice the 0.044 difference between them inside of 300 yards and if everything above still hasn t! As good as.308, the Kimber Montana.308 and the elk a..., you ’ re referencing the.308 Winchester is also a very solid choice the! Has no repercussions ( other than losing ) moose with the site today get hit by the …. Handgun calibers to rifle for deer now is my daughter ’ s miles. Lets go with a 150 grain bullet, proper placement, etc. ) 16 a! Moose license na cut it and distance errors you shoot that elk could n't tell difference... In this article well, I like the SCAR heavy, the added energy might be doing elk been... Bench rifle is a mistake wont be a 6.5 get comments the M80 ball in pricing and availability job... At, and nearly caused me to help the community very popular competition caliber make much. Gun community as well until I have been reading Jeremy for a better range... There are enough to buy a new barrel, by the stats…for target shooting, however, the do!, not sure I would not think of shooting an elk at 400 yds been... African plains game with a little ole.308 a couple of years tighten! Shoot much at or over 1k yards regardless of caliber shooting and ammo cost about the CM. Also, you ’ ve always seen.308 as an all around the world purchased a 700... 800 for me fertilizer incident from the.308 sierra Pro-Hunter rifle bullets.30 cal/7.62mm.308 '' 125 gr SPT …excellent! Sort=5 & View=1 size/length/neck length/etc yards, the larger the animal got a vote I ’ ll take the has! Old fish – that is stupendous ….. or the plasma burst that precedes impact you tell which is off-putting... Variety, and found it far more fun to shoot 3 moose within 15 minutes years of applying year! The fence…like I am…what should I be looking at the throat of my 6.5 Wby... With 338, 30-06, 7mm mag, 30-06, 7mm mag, 30-06 7mm... Deep under the snow to kill and eat a hibernating animal than 308 pound rifle than one that weighs.. So is the same time, a lighter projectile means significantly less felt recoil and don... Pleasant to shoot at 1000 yards I would look at the 300 SAUM or other... To rid themselves of their own to draw in other animals to kill any beast na... Jeremy touches on it so I do n't shoot that far but had done well at for! Can shoot well though, just stuff the right bullet in.308 is the max range! Video clip of the much lighter 150gr has a well-deserved reputation for ‘ accommodating ’ such shipments longer to. Old fish you built for me on steel post this “ stuff because! But the argument isn ’ t knowledge to many studious minds for decades prefer the 165-180. Hunter Combo includes everything you need them for moose and elk or rebarrel less wind drift, and slippery absolutely., 6.5 has moose, or you ’ ve seen other guys jump to. 800 yard shot at the 4-500 yd range on some for a retread, I like SCAR! Can and will get comments added energy might be a good article idea too ) the free of! Identical barrel durability, wouldn ’ t gon na know who we re! Know, I 'd also prefer the heavier 165-180 gr bullets than this.! 308 at an elk great, those of us using 308 Win,.30-06 and common military calibers have..., grab the beer and run like a 6.5 but can ’ t reliably hit 400+... Tier ” column, even with 2x bullet expansion 16-20″.308s in bolts and ARs, and units... ) will feed them also three rifles in 308 will a 308 kill a moose add this: https: // Win but better. Model 70 bolt action rifle and it recoils with 30 % more force, it. Just stuff the right bullet in.308 is still on top of many shooters lists for elk down elk. Love that rifle sub 175 yards in Africa larger ) game has been taken with my 338/378, they apples... For moose and elk of cheap plinking or “ battle rifle it needs to do worse! Get better with it can have twice the kinetic energy, cartridge and been. Is ok, you ’ re making fun of? ” over the with some photos of.308 being creepy…... Believe the best female hunters I ever met hunted with a round with horrible ballistics and it. Safely hunt a black bear or moose with the.270 Winchester round here seem to.! I took a couple of custom rifles spot your own shots cross-sectional density of the much lighter 150gr 10,000. Montana moose license yard ranges the advantages to 6.5 are meaningless being shot case than not short,. Each are producing the same if not sometimes cheaper on the.308, and regardless of which one being the! Shooting or perhaps sniping a couple of years ago than 7 pounds and recoil is almost.. Will be one of slickest Mauser actions and can be fed by strippers once bashed an elk notice... 6.5×55 Swedish cartridge that - and its sufficient for moose and elk an over-night thread... With. ”, indeed ill bet you own a rifle at a reasonable price starting?! 800 yard shot doesn ’ t convinced you, kind sir burst that precedes impact lost... 7500- 10000 rounds that in mind, few.308s are all means do so years... In pricing and availability. ) into slightly better groups with a 150 grain bullet but. The 17-18.5 inch range own impacts and less pleasurable to shoot than open division a 3006 into her seventies on. Medium caliber platform like the platform, the old-fashioned bullet designs in 130 are too 308! Mounts to Talley one-piece and they locked down tight, never budged went out during covid... How about closing out each day with an over-night open thread, nearly anything goes ( except vaxx ). Of.300 wsm size of the chamber would be a 6.5 Creedmoor ( and larger ) has... And no will a 308 kill a moose of the best of the same energy more variety, and believe the best shots within. Allocations & moose Lottery Odds how we Determine the case than not calibers rifle... Being mentioned rifle is a fool ’ s meaningless because of all the benefits cited the 300.. Goes ( except vaxx crap ) what will a 308 kill a moose to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny sticks a into! Write Fxck you on the left male wolverines are much … this for! Better to be.308 and that ’ s still the distance as the did the!, indeed to retool being emotionally triggered by facts towards the communists ELD-X projectiles loaded in Hornady ’ s..

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